Sand Pool, Is it really a luxury?

For some time ago, the natural sand pools come stomping in architecture and landscaping, but what really?

ejemplo piscina de arena

Is it possible to have one without ruining yourself? We will try resolve all these questiosn that are roaming your head?

At the time of making the preparationes you have to take in to account the size of the field, because it is not very aesthetic to put an olympic pool in a little backyard. You have to think globally, looking at the environment, seeing beyond.

piscina de arena

If you have a family with two small children your needs are totally different from a single man without kids. Think of sand pool as investment to live and enjoy it.

Basically a sand pool is a pool which replaces the classic finishes by a continous chipboard coating, totally natural, with a high strength resin. If you have treated with continous linins you will know that you have to prepare the base with a self-levelling product that allows us to remove any imperfection in the place where later we put our pavementor coating.

With sand pools base you have to work in the same manner, for make sure that the finish is correct, without gaps, seamless… perfect.

After checking that everything is correctly moves mixing Arenaqua, both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The advantage of placing a continous coating is that there are no joints, cracks or unsightly scratches. Should also be noted that the sand pools are non-slip, indeed Arenaqua has an index of slipperines class 3. Another advantage that has this coating is that the manteinance is minimal, as well as the durability in time, the finish colours, thus avoiding the fall of tiles, annual repairs, cracks in the base…

The truth is a type of coating made to last and lastover time, to enjoy it without thinking of slipping,. This coating allows you to customize designs, colors and shapes depending on the needs of each one.
Make numbers, think about maintenance, repairs, treatments and then think about the sand pools. Do they still seem like a luxury?

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