Outdoor Stone Carpets Arida

Outdoor Natural Stone Carpets are a reality in many countries for its durability, finish and sustainability, but, what are they really? Serve for any climate? Can I customize the stone carpet design? All these doubts and some more we are going to see them netx.

What are the natural stone carpet pavements?

The natural stone carpet pavements are a mixture of resins with aggregates that is put on a surface already existing that once finished has the capacity to, among other things, filter the rainwater, thus avoiding the puddling of the surface where it is placed.

Are these types of pavements very difficult to place?

Not at all. You just need a few tools, the resin and the corresponding aggregate (in our case ARIDA) and you can do a whole DIY on small surfaces. However we recommend that if you doubt or the surface to be treated is of medium or large size consult a specialist before placement.  

Are they appropriate for a specific climate?

Not really, the draining pavements are always a good option for any area of ​​the country since, in very humid areas it allows the rapid drainage of the surface, besides being non-slip and on the other hand, in the dry areas it allows the recovery of the water drained for later reuse in irrigation or gray water of the home. In addition one of the characteristics of this product is that the mixture of resin and aggregate withstands temperature changes very well, so there is no breakage of the product due to contraction or dilation

Do these pavements have a lot of maintenance?

Absolutely not. Its cleaning is carried out simply with water under pressure that causes it to be unclogged of possible remains of dust or small leaves. Even being a porous surface, it does not need more maintenance than a pressurized water jet every few times a year

And aesthetically? Is the finish beautiful? Can it be customized?

This type of stone carpets are usually fine crushed or silica, however, in our case we do it with a pebble between 3 and 6 mm, previously washed and varnished to preserve its brightness and color, which makes its finish Really beautiful. Another feature of our product is that it is available in 5 colors (Red, Pink, White, Cream and Gray) that you can combine to create the design that you like.

And is it enduring in time?

Totally. This type of drainage pavement remains practically intact for years, since both the long-lasting resins that are used and the stones or sands are products that do not need any special care. In addition, in the case of our ARIDA, product, we use special ecological resins in their mix, which, since they do not contain additives, keep the product intact for years without yellowing.

Now that you have the information you need, you have no excuse to have your own stone carpet.

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