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Always Téseris. Always stone.

Teseris is a family business specialising in the transformation of natural stonework for over 40 years, when our father first began in the trade.

Our passion for what we do has seen us become the largest manufacturer in the Iberian peninsula to specialise in the production of aggregate.

We are experts when it comes to quarry material. We take great care when preparing our raw materials from their extraction to their application.

At Teseris, our production system is the main feature that sets us apart from the rest of our business environment.

We have a customised production process that can be adapted to any market circumstances, thereby allowing us to respond in an autonomous and immediate manner to each customer’s demands.

All our products are top quality and 100% made in Spain. In addition, we remain loyal to our commitment towards environmental sustainability at our sourcing areas by transforming any production scraps into top class decorative elements.

At Teseris, we take care of our products during the entire life until these are delivered to our customers, monitoring all materials from source via fully automated systems throughout our stonework transformation procedures. These include personalised surveillance at each stage of the production process.

All our experience and hard work has led us to become the largest natural stonework producers in Spain.

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