About Us

What about Téseris?

Téseris is a family-owned company specialized in production and marketing of garden and building aggregates, gabions, draining pavements or stone carpet and natural sandy natural pools. Our family has always worked in this sector, so we’ve spent all our life at this. The previous work of our family-owned company was, basically, production and supply of white markings for large distributors. In 2008, when it came the time of the transition from one generation to the next, all the brothers and sisters decided take a step forward in order to stablish our own company: Téseris.


When Téseris began his gait, we wanted to do something different from what already exists on the market untill now. We had find a way to exploit our knowledge and our wide experience to create something unlike anything that has ever existed: and we did it.


After some time and much research, we can obtain a perfectly esthetic material and premium quality, and produced in a sustainable manner. In Téseris we thought that the only way to doin things well is looking at the future. So, when acquiring our products, our clients can be completely sures of have a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.


Another extremely important point concerns dealing with clients. We think the best way to provide care to the client is making he feels that he is protected and defended. They can count on us in every moment, and that is our commitment.
Please, do not hesitate to check with us any question you have, or asking us for assistance about your project. We will be very happy to assist you.

Téseris team

We are aware of the importance of providing a good service in all areas and this is why we make great efforts to strictly comply with our functions as best we possibly can. This is why we explain whom we are and what we do within the Téseris family and, of course, we place ourselves at your disposition.

* As always: We are not all here.


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