Gabions stone walls

Style, personality and practicality.

The gabion is a very common complement in traditional construction, together with more modern applications, such as using it as the ideal complement for a well-structured garden.

However, at Téseris, we have been able to facilitate its transport and onsite assembly, while maintaining all its advantages, thanks to a wide variety of supports and forms.

The excellents finishes of these gabions emphasises the roundness of its vertices, the use of high-quality, non-rusting and long-lasting materials, the upper handles that facilitate its transport and handling, together with the mechanical vibration carried out at the factory ensure that the gabion reaches its destination intact and ready to be employed in whatever ambient you desire.

Types of Téseris products

Asembly kit for Gabions

Complete Gabions

We use our Kit Gabions as an alternative to the range cube “decorative” and “containment” gabions, to be used at less accessible sites where it’s needed the assembly on site.

The stone filling not included as part of the kit, being recommended use a size ofer 50 mm to avoid losses.

The pack is made up of the needed mesh for the gabion’s assembly, the required joints and the struts used as reinforcing inside the structure. Every pack comes with detailed operating instructions to facilitate the application.

Filling our Decoratives Gabions with the best rounded-edge Téseris measuring 60 to 100 mm, to which an innocuous varnish is applied to achieve a “web effect”, thus bringing out the natural colour of the stone and protecting it from dirt.

Crushed-rock filling in several colours, in special sizes from 60 to 100 mm specifically to prevent the material from protruding from the Containment Gabion.

This structure has the particularity of its high resistance, working as a whole while retaining flexibility. The gabion does not permit tension accumulation by hydrostatic pressure, being permeable and allowing being travesed by water, ease the strain behind the walls.

Gabions also act as sound barriers, facilitating or resolving containment, insulation, conservation and hydraulic control works.